October 2020: Covid-19

Last updated: 12/10/2020

People attending clinic have been expressing a lot of concern to us about the recent resurgence of COVID19 cases in Ireland, and their worry about the restrictions to keep everyone safe,  school, college, work and access to services. Restrictions and uncertainty can make setting recovery goals more challenging during therapy- how can you set social goals when you can’t meet or eat socially?

It is good to know that having been here before last spring, we now know a lot more about how COVID 19, the impact of the pandemic on people with eating disorders and also about adapt treatment and care in these difficult times.

So we recommend you check out the COVID19 related tab on this App, where you can review our prior articles relevant to this difficult time on:  

  • self-care,
  • isolation,
  • studying,
  • body image,
  • managing emotional distress,
  • hope,
  • food shopping,
  • telehealth and more.

In the last 8 months, treatments such as CBTE and FBT, have also been adapted and researched by their developers and others so that they will work well during restrictions via telehealth, and this is ongoing in the US, UK and Ireland now. It’s not for everyone or every clinical need, but for many people with eating disorder it can enable their regular therapy to continue even during a lockdown.  

If you have ideas for articles, or wish to submit one with your tips to help others recover, please do get in touch with us!