This section contains information about some of the commonly used treatments and care options for people with eating disorders. It is designed to support the discussions you have with your doctor or therapist about care options that may help. This will help you make the best decision together about next steps. This is called Shared Decision Making.

Because eating disorders affect both mental and physical aspects of your health, treatment programmes involve care for both mind and body. This usually means there are a number of people involved in providing you with care.


An Individual Care Plan ( ICP) is a written summary of your treatment and care which includes:

  • Your goals, views and values

  • Information about your progress and  health needs

  • Your support network

  • Your plan of care including treatments what will best help you recover.


ICP’s are collaborative, future-focused, and personalised to you. ICP’s are usually reviewed with you regularly as your needs may change over time.

You (or your parent if under 18) can get a copy of your ICP from your therapist or doctor.

The MY PLANNER section of this APP will be useful to you in thinking about your treatment plan and recording your goals and views.


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