Achieve balance on social media and internet

Last updated: 19/08/2019

In the early stages of dealing with an eating disorder, it may be best to switch off from the internet in order to avoid content that may trigger your eating disorder thoughts and feelings.

Many people we work with tell us they wished they had had that advice.

Tips and suggestions

1. If you feel you can't manage a full detox, try tuning out on one day a week, specific time of day, or from a specific form of social media.

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2. Rather than using a search engine, type in the exact web address you are looking for so that you can avoid being directed to biased, unhealthy Pro-Ana or Pro-Mia content which will undermine your recovery.


3. Limit your use of social media/ imaging sites if they are causing you to feel worse or to compare your size/ shape to others. 

Ask yourself: "Does this make me feel better or worse about myself?"


4. Remember that much of the body imagery on the internet is photoshopped or airbrushed.


5. When looking for role models to inspire you towards recovery, try to follow recommended recovery blogs and websites 


6. Try not to check your phone/ iPad/ computer at night after going to bed. Switch to flight mode so you are not tempted, or leave it in another room.


7. Try to avoid discussing or posting your images or comments about appearance that others may follow up on or criticise. Don’t set yourself up for criticism, and likewise try not to criticise the appearance of others who may be vulnerable!