Building a support team

Last updated: 19/08/2019

Having an eating disorder can isolate you, especially as people do a lot of their socialising around meals and food-related events - a time when you are often feeling most vulnerable and stressed.

While it is not easy, the following tips may help you talk about it. It is really important to have a support team to help you get better.

Some suggestions that can help

1. Try to keep talking to family and friends about other things happening in your life too. This can give you more confidence when talking about your worries and difficulties.

2. Remember, other people will understand you more, the more you let them know what you think and feel.

3. If it’s hard to talk, writing it down on paper can help you get your thoughts straight first.

4. Try to separate yourself from the eating disorder so you don’t feel blamed or judged when others talk about it. The eating disorder is not you, even if it feels like that at times. This is a condition that is not your fault. You were there before it started and will feel more like yourself when recovered.

5. Explain what is helpful to you so that others know how to support you.

6. Keep listening.

7. Check out our video for carers about talking about eating disorders. It contains communication tips that will be useful to you too (LINK).

8. If you are having difficulty starting the conversation, consider talking to someone from Bodywhys to help you figure out how to make a start (LINK).