Tips for managing mealtimes

Last updated: 19/08/2019

Getting through mealtimes and eating with others can be distressing for you if you are concerned about your eating habits or have an eating disorder. These suggestions may help you to manage them a bit more easily.

1. It can be helpful to plan meals in advance in order to reduce your anxiety in making choices about food. It is helpful to think about:


2. Because starvation and chaotic eating patterns interfere with the regular action of the gut, bloating, gas and discomfort often occur when you are trying to eat regularly and increase your food intake. This will settle down in time. Foods that can make this worse include:

  • excessive fibre,
  • too much fruit and vegetables,
  • drinking too much fluid with meals,
  • fizzy or caffeinated drinks, 
  • artificial sweeteners.

3. Some people find that distractions such as listening to music, looking at positive or inspiring images or quotes, or watching television can help them get through stressful mealtimes.

For more ideas on this, check out the Inspire me section of the App or see


4. When eating with others, try to avoid talking about emotional topics. This can reduce your stress and the power of the eating disorder at the table.