What is Recovery?

Recovery means different things for different people.

At the heart of personal recovery is reaching a feeling of psychological and physical wellbeing in order to achieve what you want and need out of life.  

Some of the personal recovery goals that people have shared with us include

  • Getting back to school or work

  • Feeling ready to start a relationship

  • Feeling secure

  • Travelling abroad

  • Being able to eat out socially without anxiety or fear

  • Not needing professional help any more.


Clinical recovery is something that professionals and carers often focus on: that the person has reached a stage of physical or psychological wellness that the symptoms and signs of the eating disorder have now departed.

As eating disorders can have a major impact on day to day life and also put health at serious risk, it is important to aim for both a personal and clinical recovery and that takes time.

The importance of support

For some people with an eating disorder, it can feel very hard and quite scary to imagine life without the eating disorder or to look too far ahead. Building your support network to help you recover makes a big difference.

  The My Planner section of this app contains tools to help you think about your recovery and goals.

Check out our Inspiration Zone for ideas on what has inspired other people with eating disorders in their recovery, and send us what works for you!