February 2022: NCPED Update for #EDAW2022

Last updated: 24/02/2022

2021 continued to be a very busy year for the National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders. The 3 existing community specialist teams received a 120% rise in referrals and completed twice as many assessments. There was a 71% increase in those receiving treatment and recovery rates were maintained. Given the very significant rise in eating disorder presentations and the severity of illnesses, it has been a very challenging year for those experiencing eating disorders and for their families and carers. Our partner organisation Bodywhys have also increased their support services.

Throughout 2021 the NCPED has supported the recruitment and training of new eating disorder clinicians. There are 3 more teams in advanced stages of recruitment and we look forward to these teams joining our eating disorder network. Funding is available in 2022 for 3 further teams. The NCPED remains committed to delivering community eating disorder services across Ireland so everyone experiencing an eating disorder can readily access the help they need. We know it is hard for people to seek help for an eating disorder and when they do, it is important that they are seen by a clinician with expertise in eating disorders.

During 2021 we continued to deliver training programmes and educational meetings online for staff working in community eating disorder teams. We held our bi-annual ED network development day as we shared our learning of delivering eating disorder care during the second year of the COVID pandemic. We are looking forward to meeting again in person during 2022 and especially to meet new clinicians recruited to teams.

We regularly update the Minister of State for Mental Health & Older People, Mary Butler, on the progress of the NCPED. We are grateful for her support and commitment to funding future eating disorder teams. The Linn Dara Community Eating Disorder Service in Dublin welcomed the Minister to an onsite visit in September 2021 where the minister met with young people and their families who were attending the service and heard about their experiences. These voices are vital as we continue to develop eating disorder services to best meet the needs of those attending.

The NCPED is looking forward to 2022 and continuing our work to deliver the Model of Care which is aimed at improving the quality of HSE eating disorder services for people with eating disorders of all ages and for their families and carers.