Self Help book recommendations

Below is a  selection of Self Help Books that are independent from the HSE. The HSE does not review or endorse their specific content.

However, they are found to be very useful by patients and clinicians, who find them helpful in supporting recovery.

Parents are always recommended to fully review any material that children under 18 are viewing.

Anorexia Nervosa: A Survival Guide – 2nd edition 2013

A clearly written, practical guide for people with Eating Disorders and their families offering insight and guidance into the recovery process. It is divided into four sections – an outline of anorexia; coping strategies; advice for families and carers; guidelines for professionals 

Author: Janet Treasure

ED Focus: AN; Relevant All


Skills Based Learning for a loved one with an Eating Disorder

Gives carers knowledge and skills needed to support and encourage those with an eating disorder to help them break free from the traps that prevent recovery

Author: Janet Treasure 

ED Focus: All ED’s, Relevant Parents/ Carers


Overcoming Binge Eating – 2nd edition – the proven programme to learn why you binge and how you can stop

Provides information needed to understand binge eating disorder and bring it under control. Evidence based self-help book, based on CBT-e principles with step by step guidelines.  

Author: Chris Fairbourne

ED Focus: BN/BED, Relevant 16+ 


Getting Better Bite by Bite: a survival guide 2nd edition

An evidence based self-help book for sufferers of Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder with step by step guidance for change based on CBT-e principles, also suitable for their families/carers and professionals treating them 

Author: Ulrike Schmidt; Janet Treasure

ED Focus: BN/BED; Relevant 16+ and Parents/ Carers 


Eating Disorders: A Resource for parents

An Irish written, broad overview of the issues around Eating Disorders, answering some of the more Frequently asked questions that parents may have.  

Author: Bodywhys 

ED Focus: All ED’s: Relevant Parents/ Carers 


Please Eat – A Mothers Struggle to free her teenage son from Anorexia 

Describes how, with the help of his parents and therapist, and through his own determination, Ben slowly began to recover and re-build his life. 

Author: Bev Mattocks

ED Focus: AN; Relevant Parents/Carers 


Brave Girl Eating: A family’s struggle with anorexia

A courageous and honest  account of a families struggle with anorexia offering hope and direction to families who take on the crucial role of being a young person’s main support in the fight for recovery. Uses F.B.T. techniques.

Author: Harriet Browne

ED Focus: AN; Relevant Parents/Carers 


Anorexia and other Eating Disorders

A very comprehensive book, written for parents by a parent/scientist, a detailed companion to the F.B.T. approach. It has a hopeful, empowering but realistic approach which will resonate with parents. It has an accompanying website and videos 

Author: Eva Musby

ED Focus:All ED’s; Relevant  Parents/Carers 

Help your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder – 2nd Edition

Practical Advice and steps to supporting mealtimes and recovery for parents of teens. This book shows that parents can and must play a key role in recovery. It is also the companion book to F.B.T. for Anorexia 

Author: JamesLocke; Daniel LeGrange

ED Focus:AN/BN; Parents/Carers of<18 

The Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook

An empathetic handbook offering practical self-help tools and worksheets for people affected by any form of disordered eating.

Author: Dr N.Davis and E.Bacon 

ED Focus: All ED’s and Disordered Eating; Relevant All 

Crave: why you binge and how to stop

General advice helping readers understand why they crave specific foods and how to recognize what triggers their strong urges.

Author: Cynthia Bulik

ED Focus: BED; Relevant 16+ 

My Kid is Back: Empowering parents to beat Anorexia Nervosa

How Family Based treatment can help in Anorexia, allowing the patient  to return to normal eating patterns and their families to return to a normal life. Single stories can be read in 15 minutes and provide an anchor for parents when adrift in difficult periods.  

Author: David LeGrange and Jean Alexander 

ED Focus: AN; Relevant Parents/Carers 

The Parents Guide to Eating Disorders 

A book on eating disorders written for parents by a parent – offers parents understanding, practical suggestions, guidance and real hope. A compassionate introduction to Eating Disorders which helps parents know they are not alone 

Author: J.Smith

ED Focus: AN; Relevant Parents/Carers 

ED Says U Said

Helps overcome the attempts of an Eating Disorder to isolate the sufferer from sources of support by helping the carer learn the Eating Disorder language so the young person can feel understood.

Author: J.Alexander and C.Sangster

ED Focus: All ED’s; Relevant All

Give Food a Chance

Offers a fresh perspective on childhood eating disorders. Valuable insights for parents and professionals based on the Kartini Clinic in Portland, Oregon   

Author: J.O’Toole

ED Focus: AN; Relevant Parents/Carers 

The Year I Didn’t Eat

An uplifting story of one boy’s battle with anorexia 

Author: Samuel Pollen

ED Focus: AN: Male perspective, Relevant All 



Feeling Good about the Way You Look

If dissatisfaction about your looks is a distressing preoccupation, this book offers a CBT based programme for overcoming Body Image problems.  

Author: S.Willheim

ED Focus: Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Relevant  All