Episode 28: The New Maudsley Carer Skills Podcast. Jenny and Harriet talk to Gillian Todd.

Gillian Todd worked with Prof Janet Treasure on the Adult eating disorder ward at the Maudsley Hospital in London for 17 years. During this time, the New Maudsley Carer Skills was developed.

In this episode Jenny and Harriet discuss the development of the Maudsley Carer Skills with Gill, as well as thinking through how to support adults with EDs, and what recovery, or ‘discovery’ can look like for people with a severe and enduring eating disorder. With stories of recovery, this episode is enlightening and interesting for all carers of people with eating disorders.

You can find Jenny's website here: https://newmaudsleycarers-kent.co.uk

Bodywhys website: www.bodywhys.ie