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Since the HSE Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders programme launched, many people have told us that they wish they had had better information about eating disorders from the very start. 

They told us that it can be overwhelming and stressful to try to find accurate information on the internet to help them recover.

This App was developed in response to that need. We hope that the content will bridge this information gap in a way that is accessible to you - on your smartphone.

This app will work on any internet-connected device - phones, tablets, PC etc.

For the best experience, we recommend using the app on your phone.

How to download this app to your phone

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How to refresh your app

You can refresh your app to retrieve the latest updates by dragging the screen down until the page reloads. You must have internet access to retrieve any updates.

You can also go to settings in the main menu and click "Flush Cache"

If you are having any problems with the app, please contact support@ingeniumtc.com