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Last updated: 06/07/2020

June 2022.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists recently published its updated Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders, which replaces the MARSIPAN guidelines. It can be found here, including a brief guide for parents and carers and for people with eating disorders LINK

June 2022.

Members of NCPED and Bodywhys were delighted to hold a workshop at the Academy of Eating Disorders ICED 2022 Conference on ‘Active Waiting’ where we discussed systems and clinical responses to support people waiting for care. Thanks to Sara, Michelle, Harriet, Aoife, Aileen and Joanne for their work in this. - Please add the screenshot photo above (3567) to this item,

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW 2022) takes place from February 28 to March 6 2022. There are a variety of events for public and professionals running nationally throughout the week, all with the aim of raising awareness and action around eating disorder care in Ireland. Bodywhys has summarised many of these on their website here (link with this below)

If you are raising awareness through social media, please use the hashtag #EDAW2022

March 1-7th is Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2021

The theme this year is Binge Eating Disorder or BED.

Throughout the week NCPED, Bodywhys and clinicians around the country will be sharing advice, tips and support about eating disorders in order to raise awareness, understanding and action to support people with eating disorders.

January 2021

New year in a pandemic

December 11th

  • ‘Living with and living without’ is the latest article in our recovery Blog and inspired this months motivational quote. You can find it here.

  • Congratulations to Bodywhys who recently launched a new website which is focused on body image. This is a fantastic resource for people with body dissatisfaction whether they have an eating disorder or not. You can check it out here at

  • CAREDS Cork Kerry recently commenced their first online group programme for parents attending the service.


October 12th 

People attending clinic have been expressing a lot of concern to us about the recent resurgence of COVID19 cases in Ireland, and their worry about the restrictions to keep everyone safe,  school, college, work and access to services. Restrictions and uncertainty can make setting recovery goals more challenging during therapy- how can you set social goals when you can’t meet or eat socially?

It is good to know that having been here before last spring, we now know a lot more about how COVID 19, the impact of the pandemic on people with eating disorders and also about adapt treatment and care in these difficult times.

So we recommend you check out the COVID19 related tab on this App, where you can review our prior articles relevant to this difficult time on:  

  • self-care,
  • isolation,
  • studying,
  • body image,
  • managing emotional distress,
  • hope,
  • food shopping,
  • telehealth and more.


In the last 8 months, treatments such as CBTE and FBT, have also been adapted and researched by their developers and others so that they will work well during restrictions via telehealth, and this is ongoing in the US, UK and Ireland now. It’s not for everyone or every clinical need, but for many people with eating disorder it can enable their regular therapy to continue even during a lockdown.  


If you have ideas for articles, or wish to submit one with your tips to help others recover, please do get in touch with us!

September 10th

In the last few weeks, a big topic of conversation in our clinics has been back to school and college. There is a lot of change and uncertainty as schools in particular try to reopen safely.

Eating during the school or college day is challenging if you have an eating disorder, and it will certainly be more so this year for many. So this month’s article is for parents and is about supporting regular eating in schools

For those who are returning to college, check out a recent blog article on Eating Disorders and Study. The 5 tips in this month’s article can also be adapted to planning meals and snacks around college life when on campus.

August 12th

This month’s feature article is entitled ‘Are you wondering if you have a ‘valid’ eating disorder?’ and is a reflection from someone with personal experience of eating disorders about the dilemma of seeking help.

You can find it here (link) in our new Recovery Blog section


August 11th 

Check out Bodywhys support services during COVID 19 here

July 6th

Our latest new article for July is on Body Image, an issue that can be especially difficult to manage during the summer season. You can find it together with some tips and coping strategies here.

June 2nd

World Eating Disorder Action Day 2020

Today June 2nd is the 4th World Eating Disorder Action day. This is a grassroots movement designed by and for people with eating disorders, their families, and the clinicians who support them. The website is and the theme for 2020 is #shareyourstory.

Sharing stories or ‘narratives’ is an important part of the recovery movement and of Narrative Psychiatry in mental health care. From when we are little children, the stories that our parents read to us help us understand the world for the first time and make sense of our feelings. As we grow older, books, film, art and music that tell stories or events about real people or fictional characters that we relate to, can comfort, engage, excite, scare, and inspire us. They can have a powerful impact on our emotions, thoughts and motivations.

Keeping a diary or journal that tells your own story also helps you mentally process our thoughts and feelings in a deeper way and is often part of psychological treatment or complements it.

Sharing a story about an eating disorder has great potential to help others whether you are a person with an eating disorder, a carer, a friend, a clinician or someone else.  It can also help others understand what eating disorders are like and help address stigma.  

It is important to share your story safely, especially if you are feeling vulnerable. Take time to consider you and your loved ones privacy, the timing, and any powerful emotions that may be triggered in yourself and others.  

The Inspiration Zone in this App is designed to provide a safe space for people with eating disorders and their families to share stories anonymously through writing, art, poems and images. No one should feel alone when managing an eating disorder, and this is one way of building connections.

If you have a short story, art,  image or poem to contribute, please sent it to us via your HSE clinician or to As the aim is to lend a helping hand to other people in need, our clinicians review all submissions to ensure they are recovery-focused.

Also, check out our Bibliotherapy section- a number of blogs and books written from personal experiences are included in the list (Click here).

May 14th

The CAREDS service for Cork and Kerry celebrated its first birthday this week -a physical distance photo instead of a party marked the occasion this year because of COVID19.

CAREDS has operated through the pandemic via telehealth and physical distancing measures in clinic. With 47 referrals to date here, our service is growing.

March 2020

We’ve just published a poster to help people access this App easily!

Your GP may be interested in putting this up in the clinic waiting room so spread the word!


March 5th 2020

Launch of our NCPED Self Care and Information App

Sene Naoupu, Bodywhys board member and Irish Rugby International, helped us launch our App this week at the old Richmond Hospital. Almost 100  people joined us from public, professional and community groups, and they promised to promote the importance of eating disorders and early intervention.

March 2nd - 8th 2020

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

NCPED released 2 new infographics in order to improve awareness and action about eating disorders for #EDAW2020, and to share the new work of Ireland's first community eating disorder teams.

Feb 2020

Our App is due to be launched on March 5th 2020. Please spread the word, so it can reach as many people as possible!

Jan 2020

AED has Just published ‘9 truths about Weight and Eating Disorders’ – check it out at (LINK)

Dec 2019

Bodywhys has just released its PILAR carer support programme schedule for 2020. See link below for information on dates, locations and how to book. We recommend it for all carers!

Nov 2019

AEDI (Academy of Eating Disorders Ireland), became a partner organisation with AED (International Academy of Eating Disorders),  which aims to strengthen links between Irish clinicians and researchers working in eating disorders with their international counterparts.