Managing Isolation

Staying at home during COVID19 has meant being apart from family and friends.  It can make you feel more isolated and unsupported when managing the eating disorder.

Isolation can reduce your motivation to keep going with recovery and you may start to feel less strong enough to do so. This can lead to feelings of failure and being even less motivated. There is a risk of ending up getting stuck in a negative cycle, so it is good to have some strategies to push through the isolation.

Reaching out every day to supportive friends and family through phone, videocall or text is important now- don’t let it slip even on days when your motivation is low. Virtual book clubs and movie nights, phone games like ‘words with friends’, are all ways that families are staying in touch with each other during COVID19 to keep from feeling isolated.

If you need family or a friend distract and support you, tell them. A timely call before or after a meal (the most distressing time for many) can help get you through a difficult period of the day and stay on track. If you prefer company at mealtimes in order to distract your mind then, you can set up a ‘virtual mealtime’ together.

Sometimes completing a small project can really help with general motivation too. Keep it simple- a small creative project, short online course, a messy cupboard or chaotic bookcase that you have ‘kept meaning to deal with someday’. Get stuck in. It is surprisingly satisfying to complete a small task and it proves to us that we can complete a plan and make ourselves feel better.

For added value, take a picture, print it out and stick it up to remind you!

Take things day by day - this will pass and restrictions will ease.

If you are feeling the isolation is too much and affecting your health, make sure to let your doctor or therapist know so they can support you through this. Bodywhys support services are also there to assist, including at weekends (link to Bodywhys website, COVID 19 page).