Reach Out For Support

by Harriet Parsons,

It can be very hard to know what to do, in the moment. For example, it is usual for people with an ED to find it hard to make a food choice when they are hungry. We always advise planning as a strategy to make these moments easier. So let’s try and do some planning about things other than food!

Feeling in a panic all of a sudden? Day going fine and then suddenly it’s turned on its head and you feel out of control?

  • Try writing out the past 48 hours in an email to Writing out thoughts and feelings helps us to slow our heads and thoughts down, it helps us to see and hear the two sides of our heads, so that we can start to recognise what difficult thoughts are coming from the ED side. We can compartmentalise our difficult panicky feelings – send them off to a listening ear, to someone who will read them and respond. What you write doesn’t need to be coherent, our team of email volunteers are used to every type of email, long, short, chaotic, structured. It can help, try it!

  • If you can’t manage to write an email, maybe write down the thoughts flying through your head, and make a decision to call our helpline to talk it through. There are people out there that have experience talking through panicky moments with people with an ED. Helpline: (01) 2107906

  • Ever tried the online group? A safe place where you can connect with others going through something similar. Everyone trying to support each other. A place for connecting, for speaking and being heard. A place to not feel lonely, or alone with your ED head.

Feeling worried about being stuck inside? Finding it hard to concentrate and get away from that feeling of “I should be doing…”?

Talk it out… It is okay to let go of the ‘shoulds’… nobody is keeping score!

Feeling scared of being hungry, of needing food regularly, of having exercise limited?

Remember you are part of the human race. Everyone needs to feed themselves no matter what level of activity they do.

Feeling panicky because of the urge to overeat / binge / purge and trying not to, finding it hard to control these behaviours in the presence of others in your house, having no space for yourself (or too much space for yourself)?

Email, call, join the group – talk these things out!  Putting words on the stuff going on in your head really helps – try it out.

Bodywhys support services are there for you. We will listen and help you say what you need to say. We may not have any answer, we certainly never assume we understand people’s EDs because everyone is different, but we have lots of experience and we can help you to feel safer and more in control.

Rule of thumb:

The ED doesn’t want you to talk out the thoughts and feelings it is causing because it doesn’t want you to see these for what they are – so the way to help you feel calmer, more in control, understand yourself and your mind more is to TALK IT OUT. This is what our support services are there for – EMAIL, CALL, JOIN US.